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<I>Optimised</i> <I>for your day</i>  <br>
<I>Optimised</i> <I>for your day</i>  <br>
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    Schulstrasse 10c, 6793 Gaschurn, Austria
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Optimised for your day

Ingo's Skis, Boards & More in Montafon
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Schulstrasse 10c
6793 Gaschurn
Skiservice is the treatment of the surface and edge of a ski or snowboard. This is to prolong the life of ski's and snowboards as well as the improvement of the driving characteristics. We deliver ski and board service by hand with competition expertise and with the appropriate tools. Always optimised for the conditions at that moment.
Great service! Thanks for my customized snowboard boots for my ankle with arthrosis. Now I can finally enjoy snowboarding again.
Facebook 5 star review: Femke Prijs
Every serviced item is ironed by hand in our shop. The hot wax goes deep in the pores which makes it more effective. Ingo‘s grinder is semi-automatic which means edges are sharp without too much edging metal being unnecessarily ground off. Skis and boards last longer and perform better.

A well-serviced ski or board makes your day on the slopes safer, easier and much more enjoyable!!

Ski service small

25 Euro

Competition Ski service

35 Euro

Ski service large

30 Euro

Snowboard service small

30 Euro

Ski or Snowboard conservation

15 Euro

The thick layer of hot wax is left on so the skis/board do not dry out over summer. This also helps to prevent rusty edges.

Snowboard service large

40 Euro